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Wood and Steel Spiral Staircase - Arkè by Fontanot

Zooom Plus Electric scissor loft ladder

it is a “Made in Italy” product manufactured with the utmost attention to detail;

Features & Benefits

  • 3/64 inch – thick sheet-steel hatch frame
  • polyester embossed white powder oven painted
  • 35/64 inch – thick first choice poplar plywood panel, with very low formaldehyde emissions (Class E1 certified to Standard UNI EN 13986:2005)
  • panel entirely covered with a high performing isolation material
  • black carpeted tread
  • emergency manual unstowing device in case of power shortages


Fontanot Zooom Plus is an electric scissor loft ladder manufactured entirely in aluminum with treads and levers in die-cast aluminium. The equipped remote control opens and closes the stair. In case of a power shortage, the stair can be operated manually
3/64 inches thick sheet-steel hatch frame, the panel made out of high grade 35/64” premium poplar plywood panel certificated for very low emission of formaldehyde (Class E1 UNI EN 13986: 2005) and entirely covered with a high performing isolation material.
The Zooom Plus is installed with insole thickness for 7 3/32 to 11 1/32 inches.


Fontanot Zooom Plus Electric Loft Ladders – USA from Fontanot S.p.A. on Vimeo.

  • Adjustable height:
    Ceiling height without insole thickness (C):
    • 88 37/64” – 99 27/64”
    • 98 13/16” – 108 17/64”
    • 108 21/32” – 118 7/64”
    • 118 ½” – 121 61/64”
  • Dimension ladder and ceiling hole:
    The opening must respect the same identical measures presented in the table

    The tolerance of the AxB hole size can be ± 25/64” from the indications given in the table.

  • Treads:
    The treads and levers are in die-cast aluminum with black carpeted tread and 3 15/16” of 35/64” depth.

    Tread detail
    Carpeted tread
  • Finish:
    Painted white textured.
  • Panel Wood:
    The panel made out of high grade poplar plywood panel thickness 35/64” certificated for very low emission of formaldehyde (Class E1 UNI EN 13986: 2005).

    Panel detail
  • Handrail:
    Telescopic handrails, one on each side.

    Handrail detail
  • Remote controls:
    There are two remote controls for opening and closing the electric scissor loft ladder.

    Remote controls
  • Dead load test:
    It is a product tested in an accredited external laboratory which verified the complete compliance to the European rule of law EN14975:2006. The tests carried out have proven the stairs’ resistance to a maximum load of 260 kg.
  • Dimension and weight:
    The electric scissor loft ladder is delivered in 56 x 32 x 40 inches, 220 pound wooden crate.

    Wooden box


Installation Video

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