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Wood and Steel Spiral Staircase - Arkè by Fontanot

Civik Spiral Staircase Kit

Contemporary Italian Design

Features & Benefits

  • All-in-one complete units
  • Treads, landing, balusters, handrails, hardware and accessories included
  • Nothing to paint, weld, stain or seal
  • In stock for immediate delivery to most US locations
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The Civik is a contemporary spiral stair kit designed in Italy. It offers sturdy steel treads and clean lines without unsightly bolts or welds. The complete kit comes in one box with landing, railings, balusters, and treads. Written instructions and a demonstration video or DVD are included. Basic household tools are all that are needed for assembly.

The Civik offers a triangular universal landing which can fit a square or round opening that is at least 2″ larger than the staircase diameter. The units are finish painted, with black non-slip PVC tread covers. Handrails are a unique flexible core covered with soft yet durable PVC rubber. In place of a knee or half wall along your top floor or opening, balcony rail kits of identical materials and finish are available to complete the contemporary appearance of your staircase.

The height of the spiral stairkit is adjustable between 8′ 3″ to 10′, but with optional accessories, installations from 6′ 10″ to 12′ 4″ are possible. Staircase kits are available in three different diameters:

  • 3′ 11 1/4
  • 4′ 7 1/8
  • 5′ 3″


Try the Civik Configurator
Lay out a Civik stair kit to your specifications!

Please Note: the measurement values on the configuration tables are reflected in inches and eighths of inches. For example: 75.3 inches = 75 3/8 inches. Also note that the configurator opens in a pop-up window. If you have a pop-up blocker enabled you will need to disable or make an exception for this site.


Tech Specs

  • Tread lengths are as follows for the 3 diameters; 20 ¼, 24 ½, 28 ½
  • Metal is 12 gauge steel
  • Handrail is a flexible aluminum core with a vinyl grip covering, (similar to an automobile dashboard material). Handrail diameter is 1 ¾
  • Weight capacity is 700 pounds

Colors & Installation Types

Civik Square Opening
Square opening

Civik Mezzanine

Civik Round Opening
Round opening

The Civik in White
White Gloss Enamel

The Civik in black
Black Gloss Enamel

The Civik in Grey
Grey Powder Coat

Installation Video

Installation Video

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