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Spiral Stairs & Modular Stair Case Kits

Available throughout the USA, Arke spiral and modular staircase kits can be built in a day by the average do-it-yourself home enthusiast.

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Eureka | Phoenix | Kompact

Custom Stair Collection

Genius Spiral Stair Kit

Custom built to meet your needs...

The GENIUS range of stairkits offers a brilliant selection of custom applications and configurations. Innovative design characteristics allow for the possibility of a traditional spiral stair form, the more rectangular winder form, or a dynamic combination of the two.

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What Makes Arke Stairs Better?

If you are looking for a spiral or modular staircase in an easy to build kit, look no further. Arke makes buying and installing a spiral stair case easy with the following key features:

The standard spiral staircase kit has a 360º rotation and by adding or subtracting risers the rotation will change by approx. 30º per riser.


Ultimately the question of code compliance is a local matter. A municipality may have its own specific requirements. Local building inspectors and code compliance officers often have different interpretations of the International Residential Code (IRC), International Building Code (IBC), or the older ICBO, CABO or SBCCI codes. Some municipalities may have specific handrail, baluster, and riser code requirements. Often the local code requirements for a secondary stair or a stair that serves an open loft area will be much less stringent.

***It is the customer's responsibility to consult with the local building inspector or code compliance officer for information with respect to local code requirements. ***

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